Tekt Industries' product design process is a proven methodology for turning innovative concepts into scalable and profitable products using agile development techniques.

Tekt Website Updated

Tekt Industries has recently updated our website to include more detail regarding our services and solutions, including new additions in the areas of consulting and app development. The complete website was designed by our UI/UX team and coded within Tekt Industries to showcase our end-to-end capabilities which extend all the way from PCB design to […]


Augmented Reality PCB Design

INDUSTRY SECTOR: AUGMENTED REALITY DESIGN TOOLS Tekt Industries develops a new way to design and review printed circuits in Augmented Reality Tekt Industries is developing an innovative way to view and design printed circuit boards (PCBs) with machine learning and augmented reality. This tool will help clients make more advanced products …. faster. The recent […]


Virtual Prey Coming Soon to Melbourne Zoo

INDUSTRY SECTOR: ANIMAL HUSBANDRY A new Hunting Enrichment program at Melbourne Zoo promises entertainment for animals and visitors alike. Feeding time will soon be much more interesting for Snow Leopards, Sumatran Tigers and African Wild Dogs at Melbourne Zoo, thanks to Tekt Industries. Soon these animals will be able to “hunt” their food, with the […]


Tekt’s Development Kits Ready for Telstra’s 2018 Innovation Challenge

INDUSTRY SECTOR:  TELECOMMUNICATIONS After months of development, we have completed the next generation of CAT-M1 enabled cellular development kits for Telstra’s 2018 Innovation Challenge. Tekt Industries helped to build two sophisticated development boards which will assist both the University and Public streams of the challenge in bringing new and novel IoT solutions into the world […]


World Leading Electric Surfboard from Fliteboard in Partnership with Tekt

INDUSTRY SECTOR: WATERCRAFT ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS We are helping to bring an amazing Australian innovation to life in partnership with two great Australian companies, Fliteboard and Katapult Design. This is a world-leading electric surfboard that glides across the water on a hydrofoil wing. The project is a technical feat of engineering and Fliteboard are pushing the boundaries […]


Tekt Industries Supporting 2018 Telstra Innovation Challenge

INDUSTRY SECTOR: HEALTH Tekt Industries is proud to be supporting the 2018 Telstra Innovation Challenge alongside the likes of Qualcomm, Ericsson, and Muru-D. We have assisted in the development of key hardware and software platforms which will be utilised by the challengers to generate future solutions to current technical challenges in the Health sector. This […]

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