We love creating Mobile Apps for our clients, and Fliteboard is no exception with their latest App release.

Flite wanted to create an innovative App that enables every user to enjoy an amazing ride out on the water and then engage with a community worldwide to share their experiences.

We worked closely with the talented team at Fliteboard to deliver their vision using the latest online collaboration tools during the COVID lockdown, such as Miro and Figma, to develop the best user experience and optimise for success.

Crafting a modern Mobile App for connected products takes an intimate knowledge of everything from advanced Bluetooth communications to cloud architecture and its implementation.

Tekt is lucky enough to have all the skills needed to create these highly specialised connected Apps in-house and under one roof, including systems architects, embedded firmware developers, mobile developers, cloud devs, full-stack engineers, and test engineers.

It certainly takes a great team to create a great App, but without the passion and vision of a client like Fliteboard, the best user experience would never be brought to life.

Thank You to Fliteboard for giving us an opportunity to help show the world how the experience of electric hydrofoil surfing can be redefined for a vibrant worldwide community.

Need a world-class Mobile App or Cloud Backend for a connected device? Contact us at info@tektindustries.com 

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