Box Altitude in collaboration with development partner Tekt Industries has announced the release of their second-generation simulated altitude sensor and smartphone application.

For athletes from any discipline and of any skill level, the Box Altitude system creates a state-of-the-art hypoxic environment for users in sporting facilities such as gyms or from your very own home.

The Box Altitude oxygen sensor and application are two crucial components of the system that makes this one of the most unique and advanced altitude training products on the market. With both of these new features, you can record your training hours, schedule future training sessions, program the desired altitude level, keep track of your fitness levels, and set stamina goals at the push of a button.

The sensor and application work together to facilitate the needs of athletes of any level.

Hailing from St Kilda, Melbourne, Box Altitude has been pioneering the production of world-class hypoxic training environments for athletes to test their limits in from within the comfort of their own homes. The company produces tents that mimic high altitude conditions by exposing users to different levels of oxygen present. The science behind the revolutionary simulation system aims to assist in weight loss and improve fitness by acclimatising your body to different altitude conditions.

Box Altitude was established in 2019 by former professional road bicycle racer, Rico Rogers. Today, the altitude simulation training system can be found in forward-thinking gym & leisure facilities, spin studios, hotels, and performance centers as well as within your residence.

The Box Altitude system can be set up in the comfort of your own residence

Tekt Industries has been a vital partner for Box Altitude and has played an important role in the production of these new features. From the early stages of the prototype to the release of the newest market-ready second-generation product, Tekt industries was able to deliver a successful turn-key solution for our clients at Box Altitude. Our app development, design, and engineering teams collaborated in our Abbotsford head office to build the Box Altitude products’ electronics, firmware, cloud, and app software from the ground up to be something unique in the world of sports science and athletics.

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