The AI and High Performance Compute industry leader, NVIDIA Corporation has recently granted Tekt Industries the honour of being the first and only formal Jetson Edge AI partnership in the Australasian region. This partnership provides Tekt Industries with early access to new technology and specialised training that ensures we can support the local technology and innovation community with market leading custom Edge AI hardware and software solutions for machine vision, medical, autonomous vehicle, and robotic applications.

This announced coincides with the release of NVIDIA’s new line-up of Jetson Edge AI hardware within the Orin Nano range of SOMs (System on Modules). The new Orion Nano series of AI single-board processors is a next-generation embedded edge AI solution, which now functions at a capacity of up to 80x more operational performance than the previous generation.

Orin NX and AGX Modules with Development Kit (Centre)

The release of the polished Orion Nano series provides the ability of its users to scale their applications easily and significantly increase their real-time development capability as the need for quality processes continues to grow and develop across a variety of industries.

Tekt Industries continues to pursue and maintain its capabilities as the best-in-class AI edge hardware product design company in Australasia. Based upon Tekt’s aspirations we have strategically aligned with NVIDIA as a new Jetson Ecosystem partner.

Tekt’s established and trusted capability to deliver embedded systems designs and manufactured product makes us an ideal choice for clients who seek to work with Nvidia’s only edge AI ecosystem partner in the Australasian region.                                                                                 

“We are excited to be working with NVIDIA as Australia’s first and only Edge AI Hardware and Software Ecosystem Partner. It gives us unparalleled access to knowledge and technology which enables us to create amazing smart connected solutions for our clients and the wider the Australasian market”

– Matthew Adams, Tekt Industries CEO                     

Tekt Industries has already designed five custom Jetson carrier and motherboard solutions for clients and nine solutions supporting the wider Jetson edge computer portfolio including the latest Orin AGX form factor, designed for autonomous vehicle and higher performance edge compute.

Tekt Industries is excited to share our new capabilities and services around AI based hardware and software development with the local startup and innovation community to ensure our region is well placed to take advantage of the emmerging AI market opportunities.

NVIDIA Corporation – is a multinational corporation that specialises in the production of mobile technologies, graphics processors and desktop computers, which is based in Santa Clara, California, USA. The company’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, founded the company in 1993 along with his colleagues Curtis Priem, and Christopher Malachowsky. Nvidia is known for developing quality PCB circuits which are used around the world today in a variety of different formats such as video game consoles, as well as being a leading producer of high-end graphics processing units (GPUs).

Tekt Industries Pty Ltd – is a product development and engineering corporation that specialises in solving problems with high-tech connected and embedded solutions. Matthew Adams, Tekt Industries CEO, founded the company in 2009 in Melbourne where it currently remains based today. Tekt is well-known amongst clients for producing systems and designs of the highest quality and robustness in the shortest possible time frame. With its cutting-edge research, design, and manufacturing capabilities, Tekt Industries has assisted a significant number of start-ups and several multi-national organisations get their products to market.

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