Very proud of our team for their dedication to achieving the highest quality in Product Development, App Design, Manufacture, and Commercialisation. ISO 9001 achievement has been unlocked!

Last week we achieved a major milestone for Tekt Industries, our clients, and our partners!! After starting our ISO 9001 compliance journey back in APRIL 2021, on this Thursday, 11th of August 2022, we finally received confirmation of our successful registration as a company focused on the Design, Development, Manufacture, and Commercialisation of Technological Products.

Tekt Industries ISO 9001 Certification Awarded
Tekt Industries ISO 9001 Certification Awarded

Quality assurance is not a checklist but a living and breathing commitment to the right culture that delivers excellence. At Tekt Industries, we have taken up the challenge of creating a system of engineering and design that is both unique and dedicated to the people we serve.

It takes more than just discipline and process to make amazing products but it certainly helps to have systems in place that deliver repeatable results for our clients.

Matthew Adams, CEO, Tekt Industries

I want to thank Katrina Radford, Eduardo Esser, and Heather Mulvey for pushing Tekt Industries into a new realm of continuous improvement and dedication to the quality of what we create. Thank you to everyone. It wouldn’t be possible without your commitment to this momentous body of work.

Want to work with an ISO-certified company to deliver medical, military, industrial, or aerospace solutions?

Then talk with us and email to start the conversation around what a High-Quality outcome can do to help you achieve commercial success.

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