It’s official, Tekt Industries is a published recipient of a federal government Supply Chain Resilience Initiative Round 2 grant.

Tekt Industries is incredibly proud to be announcing that we are a selected recipient of a Supply Chain Resilience Grant, which will allow our talented team to support sovereign semiconductor development through 10-nanometre level high-resolution X-Ray inspection and ultra-high precision assembly robots.

We sit alongside other industry leaders and grant recipients, including Morse Micro, Hendon Semiconductors, and DefendTex, in supporting the silicon fabrication capability improvement endeavours within Australia.

Tekt Industries Supply Chain Resilience

What does this actually mean? Tekt Industries will be commissioning one of Australia’s only 3D X-ray Inspection machines capable of nanometre-level scanning and computed tomography-based 3D image reconstruction.

Nanometre-level inspection resolution allows for die bond inspection and wafer feature extraction needed when creating new silicon chips. We can also mount dies to ceramic carriers and complete quality inspection of novel new designs.

Such high-resolution X-ray inspection capabilities are also great for any non-destructive analysis and mechanical evaluation of microminiature devices such as MEMS and microfluidic circuits.

The inspection system will also be complemented by an ultra-precise dual lane SMT pick and place system, laser depanelization, and vacuum vapour phase reflow technology suitable for the most complex electronics assembly work.

Supply Chain Resilience Tekt Industries

The grant represents an investment in over $1.4M worth of facility upgrades at our headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, over the next six months. The grant will help Tekt Industries to increasingly play a critical role in supporting Australia’s supply chain resilience through its Advanced Manufacturing, Research Commercialisation, and Design for Manufacture (services).

Tekt Industries work with Australian inventors to develop Australian products that help create a new ecosystem of advanced manufacturing right here in Australia – keeping our intellectual property, skills and economy growing.

Senator David Van

Tekt is committed to supporting the continued development of deep technology and building stronger capabilities in the local electronics industry for organisations of every size, aiding in our mission to elevate human dignity through technological advancement.

Need truly advanced manufacturing local to Australia for a novel new design or ASIC semiconductor prototype? Tekt Industries is the place to be in 2023!

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