Tekt Industries Turns 14
Tekt Industries Turns 14

Tekt Industries has just turned 14!

Founded in 2009 as one person with a vision to create the technologically challenging and achieve the near impossible for startups and the Australian technology community alike, Tekt Industries now sports a team of 40 people serving a wide range of industry sectors.

Reflecting upon where it all started, from a scrappy co-leased deskspace in a shed around Kensington to a modern 1400 sqm facility in Abbotsford with dedicated cleanroom production spaces, warehousing, a machine shop, and two conference rooms across three levels, we have come a very long way.

Over the years, we have helped many great companies with their product development and engineering needs. Today we offer App and Cloud development alongside our traditional Embedded Engineering services as part of a strategy to support complex connected device development and modern IoT-based smart device commercialisation.

We have gone further and developed world-class electronics production capabilities that accelerate the scale-up of hardware startups and enterprise innovations in a way not commonly found within the product development marketplace.

Recently a new ERP was deployed off the back of formal ISO 9001 certification across all services. Our compliment now includes dedicated test and verification engineering alongside solid systems engineering and NPI, which we believe are core capabilities of any excellent engineering firm. We even have a full-time Quality Manager these days.

Our software engineers enjoy new CI/CD-based development and deployment pipelines with cutting-edge cross-platform toolkits, including Flutter and React frameworks.

We pride ourselves on building great technology partnerships with NVIDIA, Nordic Semiconductor, NXP, Expressif, Wirepas, and AWS to ensure our build is world-class every time.

While we now offer everything an inventor might need to make electronics-based products and apps, it is worth noting that we are nothing without our talented, competent, and professional staff, who have supported Tekt’s vision and helped so many clients over the years.

As we head towards our 15th year of operation, we thank our amazing clients and staff for the support offered over the years. We welcome a celebratory drink as we achieve this significant milestone in a challenging industry.

Thank you for helping us get here. We look forward to serving the community well into the future.

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