After months of development, we have completed the next generation of CAT-M1 enabled cellular development kits for Telstra’s 2018 Innovation Challenge.

Tekt Industries helped to build two sophisticated development boards which will assist both the University and Public streams of the challenge in bringing new and novel IoT solutions into the world when each team strive to innovate for a healthier tomorrow.

This year’s challenge is co-sponsored by Bupa along with a host of other tech companies, and focuses on all aspects of IoT systems and their application within the Health vertical.

This is the second year in which the Telstra CTO group has chosen to entrust the development of mission critical hardware to Tekt Industries and we are both thankful and proud to be delivering an evolution in development hardware and software APIs which enable a wide range of low power cellular applications.

Fully designed, assembled, and tested by Tekt in Melbourne, Australia, these little boards are based around a Quectel BG96 cellular module, a custom co-processor, and an Arduino host. These boards don’t pull any punches with features including GPS, temperature, ambient light, and accelerometers integrated alongside a uniquely integrated Mikrobus breakout and full battery powered supply sub-systems.

I would like to thank Telstra for their ongoing support and wish all participants in this year’s challenge the best of luck with their IoT Innovations. We know these boards are heaps of fun to develop with and hope you think so too.

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