At Tekt Industries, we love to see hard and meaningful work pay off, especially when it involves our own clientele! That is why we wish to share the successes of our client Bionic Vision Technologies (BVT), their amazing design partner Tricycle Developments, and the team at Tekt Industries, who have been working tirelessly to bring implantable Bionic Vision to those in need.

BVT Bionic Implant Field Trials In The National News Broadcast

Bionic Vision Technologies (BVT) are pioneers in producing leading-edge visual implants that work to restore functional vision to the blind suffering from inherited retinal diseases. BVTs were after a partner that could deliver early-stage medical implant technology in a wearable battery-powered form factor.

Tekt Industries has proudly collaborated with BVT and Tricycle Developments to create a complex wearable electronic system embedded into each headset and a separate battery-powered vision processing system supporting dedicated AI NVIDIA processing hardware.

Tekt Industries provided advanced manufacture for this medical device at a prototype level to push forward field research and commercialisation outcomes and create a meaningful social impact. 

Congratulations again to Bionic Vision Technologies for hitting this historical milestone and successfully delivering life-changing technology.


Check out the amazing story covered by the Australian Broadcasting Network’s 7:30 report of two individuals who use bionic technology throughout their everyday lives HERE.

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