Women only made up just 27% of the workforce in #STEM industries across the country last year.

Today, we recognise the need to continuously institute changes that will hopefully see equality achieved in our lifetime. However, there is still a considerable gender gap, and it will not close by itself.

As World Engineering Day passes us by, we wish to reflect upon the importance of today, International Women’s Day, to recognise the significant and valuable contributions women in STEM-based organisations make daily.

At Tekt Industries, we are committed to providing an inclusive environment for collaboration and equality in line with core company values. We take steps to facilitate change and close the gender gap within STEM-based industries by respecting, hiring, and retaining women who immediately become valued team members and friends.

Our progressive workplace atmosphere and leave policies already meet the standards of #WORK180, de facto standards that were created to bring gender equality to the workplace where minimum government and industry standards didn’t address the gap.

If you are a woman looking to pursue a career pathway in STEM or simply interested in discovering potential opportunities that may be out there for you prior to finishing studies, then please reach out to us at careers@tektindustries.com

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