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Version Control in Altium Designer

This is  a great lead-in to the setup of version control in Altium Designer 17 You will need to download The SVN engine from The Windows integration from […]


Altium Designer Unique ID Linking and Resetting

If you always appear to have unresolved links between your schematics and PCB designs even after importing changes from your schematics then there is a good chance that you have unpaired Unique IDs. Unique IDs are given to all schematic symbols and help Altium associate a part with it’s respective footprint within the PCB design […]


Pasting Images from Microsoft Paint to Altium Designer

If you would like to add more detailed artwork to your PCB designs then Altium Designer allows you to do this through two methods. The old way was to use a script to convert artwork to PCB primitives. If you have a copy of the older versions of Altium Designer you might have this script floating […]


Solidworks Keyboard Shortcuts

It is useful to know at least a couple of keyboard shortcuts in Solidworks to help navigate quickly through your designs and Solidworks also allows you to customise your keyboard shortcuts. To customise your shortcuts right-click on the top menu and navigate to the Keyboard tab. There you will find a list of all possible […]

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