Tekt Industries' product design process is a proven methodology for turning innovative concepts into scalable and profitable products using agile development techniques.

‘Code of Conscience’ Proof-of-Concept launches to restrict vehicles from entering protected land areas

Tekt Industries has partnered with experience agency AKQA and global technology company, Nordic Semiconductor to build a technology that monitors and restricts the use of heavy-duty vehicles in protected land areas. This bold, open-source software and hardware solution uses a multi-sensor cellular IoT platform by Nordic Semiconductor: the ‘nRF9160 SiP Module’ and supports both GPS […]

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Tekt realises Flite’s vision for a quiet, emission free hydrofoil ‘surf’ board

Tekt Industries is enjoying a fantastic experience developing the Fliteboard product with Flite Australia and partners such as the world-leading semi-conductor company, Nordic Semiconductor. Started as a single man’s vision, the Fliteboard electronic systems have been proudly developed and manufactured by Tekt since the brands inception. So what exactly is a Fliteboard? It is a […]

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