CloudFarming's 'Fieldbot'


Revolutionising agricultural operations

The 'Fieldbot' is a semi-autonomous agricultural harvesting robot created by us on behalf of CloudFarming. It is driven by solar and battery powered electric motors and works in conjunction with the field App, also created by Tekt Industries. The Fieldbot will eventually be able to replace legions of diesel tractors as a smart and environmentally efficient solution. The Fieldbot revolutionises harvesting by:

  • enabling real-time reporting of picked crops
  • tracking staff performance
  • efficiently carrying large payloads.

Developing the solution

We created all software and electrical systems on this project, including control logic, BLDC motor drive, sensor arrays, safety systems, wireless communications and the solar and battery systems. Together, these systems enable a new generation of harvesting tech for crops such as asparagus and broccolini.

We also developed the cloud connected Android tablet App with GPS tracking in conjunction with a weight-scale and RFID interface. This technology sits on the vehicle and gathers data on crop weights harvested by the pickers.

The final design is a testament to the vision of CloudFarming's founders—and the result of a great partnership. The whole system was developed in less than a year from initial prototype to final design. CloudFarming are an Australian agtech company building innovative farming solutions for the global market.

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