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Rapid Order System
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Located close to the heart of Australia’s largest city, Melbourne, we house a team of dedicated engineers and a workshop built for rapid prototyping.

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Our mission

We exist to solve interesting, worthwhile problems—and we do this through the development of sophisticated, accessible technology that improves people's lives. We build the hearts and minds of connected products so that our clients and their customers receive a truly valuable and engaging experience.

Product ideation
Concept development
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Funding your idea

Over the last twelve years, we have helped countless start up businesses realise their vision, such as Nura and Fliteboard. Through these engagements, we've developed relationships with numerous investors and grant bodies. So if you're an organisation looking for funding, we can connect you with the most appropriate parties for your project.

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Looking to re-design an existing product?

If your product has been impacted by recent component shortages, we can assist via our Contingency Engineering services. Equally, if you’re looking to upgrade or reposition your product, we can also assist. Speak to us today about your existing product.

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Our leadership

We have an experienced leadership team that is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. 

Matthew Adams

Founder and CEO

CEO -Chief Technologist and Founder of Tekt Industries, Matthew leads a team of engineers, designers, manufacturers, and developers who create cutting-edge solutions for complex medical, industrial, consumer electronics, and software products. With over 18 years of experience in the electronics industry, Matthew has a proven track record of delivering high-quality products and services that meet the needs and expectations of our clients and their customers, ranging from small startups to large enterprises.

Eduardo Esser

Principle Systems Architect

Experienced engineering leader specialised in the development of complex electro-mechanical devices. Proactive and highly driven. Eduardo has been successfully bringing products from concept to commercialisation in dynamic environments of start-ups, small companies and large organisations.

Milad Faizollah

Snr. Project Manager

Experienced Project Manager with experience in managing projects, leading teams and developing products from concept to market managing projects, leading teams, and developing products from concept to market, as well as 10+ years of experience in electronics engineering.

Heather Mulvey

People and Culture Manager

Heather is a seasoned human resources professional with a proven track record of developing others' strengths. Pragmatic, resilient, and results-oriented, she thrives in fast-paced, high-growth, and dynamic environments.

Patrick Robles

Technical Sales and Marketing Mgr

Business Development Manager for New Business Opportunities and Industry Partnerships. He is dedicated to cultivating enduring relationships with our customer base and comprehending their requirements. Our customers capitalise on Patrick’s extensive experience as a Solution Architect with over 15 years in the IoT and Embedded industry, delivering solutions for the Mining, Automotive, Construction, and Consumer Markets.

Our values

We pride ourselves on the following values that are embodied by all our staff.


We show deep respect for every individual, including our clients, partners and each other.

continuous improvement

We seek to continuously increase the quality of our work for all the people we serve.


We take responsibility for the successful delivery of solutions from start to finish.

INnovation through collaboration

We strive for the highest quality collaboration to ensure we achieve value for the people we work with.


We look for ways to achieve sustainability in every aspect of what we do, from the lifespan of a product to waste reduction at manufacture.


We employ a systems first principle of design that plans rigorously for success in complex systems development.

creative engineering

We continuously seek to fuse design and engineering thinking with a flair for the original, to bring better solutions to this world.

fearless Design

We seek challenging problems and approach them with courage and a fearless attitude.

Our equipment and facilities

Our offices and workshop are conveniently located together in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. This includes an advanced manufacturing department optimized for electronic prototyping and assembly.

We also have extensive prototyping and production equipment for laser cutting, 3D printing, machining and CNC cutting. And our spacious workshop area means that we can work quickly and easily on large connected products, such as Cloud Farming's Fieldbot and the recently launched Petminda pods.

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