This post was originally published on October 26, 2020.

Italian tech startup Arduino makes some of the most popular electronic prototyping tools on the market, but until recently, two of their products weren’t completely compatible with The Things Network (TTN) here in Australia. We helped Arduino solve this problem for the Australasian region.

Arduino’s MKR1310 and its predecessor are ideal for IoT projects. The boards provide a practical and cost effective solution to add LoRa connectivity to products needing embedded communications over a long distance. This powerful little open source board is designed to connect to any LoRa network or to an existing LoRaWAN infrastructure like TTN.

While there are many flavours of LoRaWAN networks being deployed, The Things Network is not strictly speaking compliant with the recommended LoRa Alliance implementation of the network. They have specific bands removed within the AU915 coded region, making the network configuration unique and slightly incompatible with standard LoRa devices.

Our engineers worked in partnership with Arduino and helped to create a patch to the key open-source library for LoRa so that The Things Network could be fully supported by all Arduino devices.

Arduino engaged Tekt Industries because of our deep knowledge of embedded systems, IoT, and our specialist knowledge of The Things Network. It also definitely helped that we were local and highly available in the right timezone too.

With our experienced team, we are ready to help all technology companies configure their LoRa products to work optimally on The Things Network, having just made it easier for the vast majority of Arduino users across the globe to deploy hardware and software in Australia and New Zealand.