This article was first published on May, 21, 2021

We’re thrilled for our client, Fliteboard, who in February launched the next evolution of their emission free, hydrofoil surfboard. We’ve supported Flite to improve the performance of their original board while they have expanded their range to suit everyone from beginners to expert riders.  

Flite’s mission has been to help their customers find freedom and connect with nature. Their longer term aim is to contribute to a future with cleaner and quieter waterways: a mission we share—and with the Fliteboard, they’re on their way to doing just that.

V2: What's new

Over the last six months we have worked closely with Flite to make their boards more reliable, user friendly and easier to manufacture.

  • Firstly, we consolidated the receiver and motor control systems to house them on a single circuit board—eliminating cabling, improving signal integrity and resulting in a design that’s even more robust. This change has also made the electronics—and overall board, faster to assemble.
  • Secondly, we’ve enhanced the board’s user interface, to provide the rider with more convenient, real time data on the board including battery status, tilt detection and throttle level.
  • Thirdly, we have modified the electronics of the board so it can be more easily and safely armed, using the bluetooth connected, remote hand controller.

At the same time, Flite have expanded their range to include fourteen boards in different sizes, constructions and colours. For more information on enhancements, see their Series 2 Launch video.

Photo by Andrew Agcaoili for Fliteboard

Our partnership with Flite

We’ve been supporting Flite with electronics design, engineering, and manufacturing services since their journey started in 2017. We’ve contributed to Flite’s talented Byron Bay team from our headquarters in Melbourne with connected firmware, PCB design, App development, and manufacturing expertise.

Through this project, we have honed our engineering and manufacturing capabilities for connected products that require a high level of water resistance and robustness.

Acclaim for the Fliteboard

The original Fliteboard won major design awards from Red Dot, The Industrial Design Society of America and Good Design. It was named Australian innovation of the year, and named the world’s best e-foil by Jet Surfing Nation.

People from all over the world have enjoyed the Fliteboard: thousands of boards have been shipped to customers in over 80 countries.

If you’re wanting a best-in-class efoil experience, check out the Series 2 Fliteboard.  

Evolution never stops.