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Acclaim for the Fliteboard

Fliteboard is a world-leading electric surfboard that glides across the water on a hydrofoil wing. The original board won major design awards from Red Dot, The Industrial Design Society of America and Good Design. It was named Australian innovation of the year and named the world’s best e-foil by Jet Surfing Nation. But like all great products, there’s always room for improvement and in 2021, Flite released the next generation of their board.

Today, people from all over the world enjoy the Fliteboard—and Flite has grown from a humble idea to a multi-million dollar company, shipping to customers in over 80 countries.

Developing the solution

Since Fliteboard's inception, we have engineered and manufactured the board’s electronic systems and mobile app. This has included electronics for the board itself, the ‘Flitebox’ component of the e-foil, and the handset controller.

The Fliteboard uses the best technology available to create a safe and enjoyable experience in a harsh marine environment. This includes low energy Bluetooth technology which allows the user to control the board via virtual gears.

Meanwhile, the Flite App allows riders to quickly and easily upgrade to the latest software for both their board and e-foil. They can also replay their rides, gaining insight into their power consumption, distance covered, etc.

As we engineer and manufacture under the one roof, we could iterate quickly, resolve any issues and ultimately shorten Flite’s path to commercialisation. Our experience at collaborating in the space of embedded system design and manufacture meant we could work alongside our partners quickly and easily.

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Main photo by Phil Gallagher, smaller photos by Andrew Agcaoili—courtesy of Fliteboard.

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