NuraLoop headphones


Personalising audio

The NuraLoop headphone learns how a listener hears—it then adapts sound to deliver a revolutionary listening experience. We were able to work with NURA to create such a novel product because of our previous work in wearable and micro-miniature design. The NuraLoop project uses advanced DSP (Digital Sound Processing) to adapt and personalise sound to a user’s liking. 

The solution

This project uses aptX™ HD Bluetooth® 5 for high definition wireless audio with 16+ hours of battery life. It also packs in active noise cancellation which can be controlled easily via touch gesture controls, and the following features:

  • advanced touch sensing solutions
  • ultra-compact rigid-flex & HDI PCB design
  • advanced battery power management systems design.

Working alongside NURA, we helped make a world-leading audio product that brings joy to music lovers everywhere.

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