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TAP-109 Charging Bay


In a gallery or exhibition environment, you need to recharge a lot of iPods—and fast. This is possible with the TAP-109 Charging Bay system. It's been an integral part of immersive gallery and museum programs worldwide.

The TAP-109 Charging Bay system provides rapid charging for a fleet of iPods where mass charging is necessary.

The system integrates a 27-port USB hub, well beyond the size of most normal hub architectures, to assist with software updates and large-scale application deployment to the devices while connected to a host PC.

A unique feature is the distributed power supply system that allows for efficient, low-temperature, fan-less operation, all while delivering full power to each of the devices on charge.

These charging units have been designed, engineered and manufactured by us in Melbourne, Australia. And over the years we have worked with our client, Art Processors to evolve the solution, so it can be used at a larger scale—and across the globe.

The processes and technology developed through this partnership have been deployed in well known cultural spaces such as the Smithsonian Institute in the US.

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