This article was first published on December 15, 2021.

This year has been like no other. Thankfully, we’ve had lots of support—from our clients, our partners, funding bodies, and from the Australian manufacturing community. This support has enabled us to grow and change for the better throughout 2020, bucking the expected trend. For this, we are extremely grateful.

We spent the first half of the year settling into our larger premises at Marine Parade in Abbotsford—where we increased the size of our offices and factory by 1200m2. This was timely for more reasons than one! It wasn’t long into the year before we were social distancing and that extra space came in handy.

As the year progressed we took on more work and as a result we re-organised ourselves to better serve our clients, bolstering our capability in every service offering. In the last six months we’ve almost doubled in size, hiring in several key positions, including:

  • a dedicated UX/UI designer, to complement our existing designer
  • two Project Managers and a Production Manager
  • six engineers, including our new Head of Engineering: Andy Atkinson.

We were also thrilled to receive two government grants to continue several internal R&D projects, one of which came from the Australian Manufacturing Centre. Using this $250K grant we’re leading the development of an AR (Augmented Reality) based Quality Control and Inspection system, initially for use in electronics  manufacturing. The solution will ultimately reduce equipment and engineering costs and increase operational efficiencies for assemblers of electronics worldwide.

We’re excited about what 2021 has in store for us and our clients as we look toward the future, solving bigger design challenges than we ever have before!