This post was originally published on December 18, 2020.

It turns out that as a company, we’re as enthusiastic about table tennis as we are about product design and engineering—and that’s saying something.

Considering that we could finally all be together under the one roof, we held a table tennis tournament at our new-ish offices in Abbotsford to celebrate Christmas and the end of a challenging year. It was so lovely to hang out together as a group after so many months of social distancing and remote working.

It seems that our industrial designers have the best eye-hand coordination of everyone at Tekt Industries, as first prize went to seasoned player, Oscar Fehlberg. He narrowly beat our other industrial designer, Charles O’Connor.

Charles O’Connor (runner up) with Tekt Industries TT champ, Oscar Fehlberg (R)

Now, it’s time for us to hang up our soldering irons and our table tennis bats for a few weeks, but we look forward to returning on January 4.

Whatever you are up to over the summer break, we wish you a well-deserved rest over the holiday season. See you next year!

Electronics Engineer (l) Sahil Khanna and Production Engineer Ling Chen
(l) Business Development Manager, Brian Kim, Production Engineer, Harsha Sandirigama and Electronics Engineer, Arun Rangika
The view from level 1 of our new premises in Abbotsford, Melbourne where we’ve increased our offices by 1200m squared. We’re now able to take on bigger design challenges than we ever have before.
Our recently appointed Head of Engineering, Andy Atkinson (l) with graduate Production Engineer, Ankit Saxena