This post was originally published on May 4, 2020.

Tekt Industries is enjoying a fantastic experience developing the Fliteboard product with Flite Australia and partners such as the world-leading semi-conductor company, Nordic Semiconductor. Started as a single man’s vision, the Fliteboard electronic systems have been proudly developed and manufactured by Tekt since the brands inception.

So what exactly is a Fliteboard? It is a remote-controlled electric board allowing watersport enthusiasts to ‘fly’ on any body of water with a depth of at least one meter up to speeds of 45km/h. It carves through water like a snowboard in fresh powder, but with the freedom to ride anywhere, anytime, without wind or waves. It’s fast, quiet, and emission free.

This high-performance system could not have been completed without great technology partners including Nordic Semiconductor but central to Flite Australia’s success is the vision and inspiration of David Trewern at Flite.

This beautiful craft is controlled by a single bluetooth connected device, the Flite controller or handset. This handset relays control data to the board via Nordic a SoC-enabled low latency Bluetooth LE connectivity system enabling the rider to wirelessly control the speed of the motor, even when the devices are submerged in water.

Bidirectional Bluetooth LE connectivity also allows the handset to receive key data from the board itself—such as telemetry and battery status—then display the information on the integrated screen.

Tekt Industries has supported Flite’s electronics development requirements from the beginning of this stellar product’s story. Taking a fresh look at what would be required to build the first prototypes into a production ready design, we sought partners such as Nordic Semiconductor, who could deliver the necessary core communications technology that makes the user experience second to none.

The electronics within this system also utilise advanced GPS and motion tracking within the board itself along with specialised automotive grade speed and data control systems under the hood in the eFoil. Technically, the Fliteboard floats across the water with great ease and an amazing amount of technological complexity but seeming effortlessness on the part of the rider who is simply left to enjoy the experience.

Tekt Industries is proud of the experience we have helped create for so many Fliteboard riders around the world looks forward to supporting Flite’s vision for advanced aquatic sports technology well into the future.

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