Product Development

We offer a wide range of innovative world-class product development services which are delivered in the shortest possible timeframe.

App Development

As part of our core service offerings we specialise in connected apps and software which works in tandem with smart hardware and IoT class products.


Tekt Industries provides a range of transition to manufacture services, both via our advanced in-house production facility, and international EMS providers.



Tekt Industries offers high-tech product development services which include design consulting, project management, electronics design, PCB design, firmware and software development, test and measurement, and a wide variety of augmented services which deliver a well-integrated and high-quality product every time for your customers and clients.


Tekt Industries can deliver Mobile and Cloud application development services for clients which connect via Bluetooth and WiFi to the physical devices. Utilising a great team of UI/UX designers, front-end, and back-end coders all based under the same roof as the firmware developers and product designers we build synergistic relationships between the mobile app or desktop software and a connected device.


Tekt Industries provides a wealth of experience and knowledge in the area of electronics engineering and product commercialisation. Whether you need an audit of an existing design or recommendations on commercialisation of high-tech electronics hardware and software systems we can assist with face-to-face guidance, presentations, and reports that will help you gain insight into product development risks, issues, pathways, possible solutions, and strategies that make all the difference when considering viable commercialisation options.


Tekt Industries services are built around talented designers and engineers who can help to translate ideas into innovative, feature-rich products that can be brought to market faster. We design, test, and refine continuously until your product is our champion. If you have a product which needs to be reinvigorated or upgraded with the latest technology to stay current, then we can help bring new life to your products.