Log4.PoE – circuit measurement


A uniquely powerful logger

The Log4.PoE is a specialised logging device that accurately displays voltage, current, and power readings—all while logging measurement data to a MicroSD card and dedicated desktop software.

In 2017, there were few metering tools that allowed a USB powered or PoE (Power over Internet) device to be tested, while still allowing data to pass through uninterrupted. Hence, the Log4 also known as the 'LogIT' was born. We have specifically designed the Log4 to measure the low positive voltages of USB and PoE connected equipment with high accuracy.

The unique battery powered monitoring solution is the only logging tool of its kind in the world. It's an ideal tool for assisting engineers and technicians with the challenge of quantifying how power is delivered within modern communication systems.

The Log4.PoE and similar products, including a USB version, are available for sale through our sister company, Tektyte.

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